Valen provides security systems such as camera surveillance.

Valen Surveillance & Security


Person working on security system from Valen.

unique and effective custom security systems from valen

With our professional team of technicians, Valen can provide temporary and/or permanent custom security systems and security equipment to residence, homeowners associations, businesses of all sizes, correctional facilities and all non-profit organizations. Valen can customize a security strategy tailored specifically to our customers current and future needs.

Valen Surveillance & Security L.L.C is not bound by any geographically boundaries. Valen provides security systems and services throughout United States and any other locations, looking for the best surveillance and security solutions available.


Valen Surveillance & Security L.L.C. is a veteran ran and owned company, headquartered in south Louisiana. Valen and its team now provides some of the most State-of-the-art technology across the United States.

We create unique and effective ways to make technologies a safeguard, to better protect construction sites, special events, and remote locations, all correctional facilities, and businesses of all sizes which generally lack proper protection. Valen provides this with its partnership with some of the largest names in the security business.

Find Your Security Solution

Valen Surveillance & Security L.L.C has proved successful in providing solutions across all industries, state and local government agencies, small businesses, large industrial facilities, and even residents. We are the solution to a modern and constantly changing security environment.

Tell us more about your security concerns so that we can get started on a plan to address them.

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